What is X-Charge unit?

X-Charge unit is a device that maximizes the charm of food. By exchanging heat, it evenly adjusts the
temperature of food from the surface to the center to a temperature range of -0.1°C to -1°C.
When food is kept in this temperature range, the convection of water is stabilized, and the food
retains its original flavor and freshness.


TEMPERATURE and WATER are the keys to good taste and flavor

Water is the most abundant component in food.
The water in food has a great impact on its quality.
That is why we focused on “temperature,” which controls the convection of water in food.
We succeeded in maximizing food quality by controlling temperature and water in food.

Feature of X-Charge unit

Comparison between X-Charge unit and Conventional Refrigerators 

A New Freezing Method
to Change the Common Knowledge of Food Preservation

X-Charge unit is a “freezing pretreatment device” that maintains the same delicious taste as before freezing.
By controlling the temperature of water, which is the most abundant ingredient in food, X-Charge unit
prevents the growth of ice crystals, which is a major cause of quality deterioration.
There is no need to worry about quality deterioration after thawing, no need to worry about freezing speed,
and no need to use additives for freezing.


Advantages of X-Charge unit 


Case Study


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