Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture with AGRI Tech


We have been tackling food loss and waste,
and accumulating knowledge and experience in the food industry.
In that process, we have noticed many problems.

Vegetables grown relying on agricultural chemicals.
A shortage of food producers in a super-aging society.
Vegetables overproduced and returned to the soil immediately after harvest.
Low food self-sufficiency, while a lot of food is wasted.

Unless we start from the production of fruits and vegetables and think about what they should be,
we will not be able to solve the problem of food loss and waste in a fundamental way.

Therefore, we decided to solve these problems by engaging in agriculture ourselves
with the food-related knowledge and manufacturing technology
we have cultivated over the past half-century.

Our goal is sustainable agriculture.
Through the automation of AGRI Tech,
we will improve the working environment,
create new jobs to ensure stable crop production even in a super-aging society,
and grow high value-added crops.

We will contribute to regional revitalization by dealing with the ideal agriculture at our own test farm.