Brand Statement

We are a manufacturing group that enriches people around the world through food optimization.
We provide optimal solutions under the slogan “MOTTAINAI” to food business enterprises
that are taking on the challenge of food innovation,
and treat them with passion and sincerity so that we can be a trusted partner.
We are proud of our teamwork and the challenges we take on to create new products and services.

Brand Concept

Realizing a Good World without Conflict through Manufacturing

XEN pronounced “ZEN” indicates our strong will to express “goodness” through all of us,
and the initial “X” represents the unlimited possibilities to the unknown,
our gratitude for meetings, and our desire to respect relationships.


Tackle the world’s food problems with “In-house developed Machinery”
and “demonstration processing by Food LAB”

”MOTTAINAI” Engineering provides the best solutions to “MOTTAINAI” problems
faced by food business companies by using our “In-house developed Machinery”
and “demonstration processing by Food LAB”.

New market structure and extensive product development

Develop a food supply chain which meets social demands


Products Overview